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Language Arts

Word Focus   A rich source of information that will enhance your vocabulary skills!
The Moonlit Road   Ghost stories and folk tales of the South told by famous storytellers.
The Case   Writing contests,mysteries to solve,scary stories, and magic tricks.
Carol Hurst   Children's book reviews, ideas for use in class and online ordering.
Kid News   Kids' writing from practically everywhere around the world!
Mid Link Magazine   Digital magazine by students and for students ages 8-18.
Cyberkids   Kids writing, games and learning center.

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Discovery   Science, history and activites at your fingertips.
National Geographic   Science and history exploration along with interactive activities.
Brain Pop   Science, heath and technology movies online!
GOALS   Global Online Adventure Learning Site
Science and Mathematics   Science and math activites and sites.
Exploratorium   Museum of science, art and human perception.
Volcano   Volcano information and links.
Electronic Volcano   A wealth of information on active volcanoes.
Volcano Observatory   Volcano observatory.
Welcome to the Planets   A collection of images from NASA's planetary exploration.
Explore:Space   Space science resources.
Landsat   Landsat satellite data and links.
Third From the Sun   Geographical features of Earth as seen fom space.
Earth View Explorer   Atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, geosphere and climate info.
NOAA   National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: weather links, too.
Weather Channel   The Weather Channel
CNN Weather   CNN Weather
USA Today Weather   USA Today Weather
Weather Underground   Weather Underground
Hands-on Science   Hands on science activites from around the world.
Exploratorium: Seeing Exhibits   Visual fun!
Why Files   How and why things happen.
Science and Math Links   Various Science and math links.

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Math   Each Wednesday a new Brain Teaser is posted for each grade.
Math Central   Internet service for mathematics teachers and students K-12.
Math League   A math help resource for 4th through 8th grades.
Math Sites   Mathematics and computer science list of sites.
Math Library   The Internet Mathematics Library of Problems, puzzles and games.
Los Alamos National Labs   MEGA Math Site
Abacus   The art of claculating with beads. Abacus history and activities.
Women Mathematicians   Biographies of Women Mathematicians

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Social Studies

American West   History and development of the American West, maps and more!
Civil War Letters   Letters from an Iowa Soldier in the Civil War.
Whitehouse   Tour the Whitehouse with Socks and Buddy.
GOALS   Global Online Adventure Learning Site

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Teacher Resources

Educational Web Rings   Webring of teachers & educational websites.
PBS   Lesson plans and activities in all subject areas.
Connecting Students   Thematic units, literature studies, fun workpages and more!
Connected Teacher   Great websites updated weekly for teachers and students.
Intel   Technology in the classroom, and problem-solving activities.
Atlapedia   Maps, and key facts about countries of the world.
Eisenhower   Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science
Learning in Motion   Top 10 educational www sites. Updated monthly.
Eucational Resources   Curricular Resources and Networking Projects
Cool School Sites   Cool school sites from around the word.
Mid Link Magazine   Digital Magazine by students, for students from 8 to 18.
GOALS   Global Online Adventure Learning Site
Online Class   K-12 inquiry-based teaching units.
Education World   Lesson plans, articles, site reviews and much more.
NCREL   North Central Reagional Education Lab
NCTM   National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Children's Literature   Internet resources related to children's literature, and more sites!
National Science Foundation   National Science Foundation information and resorces.
Sites for Teachers   Educational Resources for teachers, students, and parents.
ThinkQuest   Internet challenge competitions.

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Reading: Your key to Learning

Do you have your homework finished?

If so, click on one of the sites below and have fun!

NFL   "This site is for anyone who likes football. You can be a football player and actually play some downs! You can also look up stats on your favoite football teams. This site is really cool"! ~Dominic Salas
Nick   "This is Nickelodeon's website. Here you can play games and have fun with your favorite Nick characters." ~ Jeremy Vawter
Disney   "You can go play games, win prizes and shop all at one site! Check out is really cool!" ~ Valerie Chavez
Yahooligans   "This is a cool search engine for kids." ~ Albert Jimenez
Brain pop   Science, heath and technology movies online! ~ Ms. Hazel
Kidlink   Empowering kids and youth to build global networks of friends.
Cool School Sites   Cool school sites from around the world!
GOALS   Global Online Adventure Learning Site
Cyberkids   Kids writing, games and learning center.
Exploratorium: Seeing Exhibits   Visual museum exhibits online.
Why Files   How and why things happen.
Kids Search   Kid search favorites. Games, sites, activities and more!
ThinkQuest   Internet challenge competitions.

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