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The Character Counts word for August and September is:

Character Counts Pledge
~ Student's view

2002-2003 Character Counts District Vision

An essential element of the Valencia Elementary School curriculum is Character Counts Education. The Portales Municipal School District has adopted the Character Counts program and made it an important part of the PMSD Vision Statement. PMSD has the vision of its students becoming productive and successful citizens. Our community, the nation and the world is the customer for our district and our students will be serving these when they graduate.

Character Counts also supports another of PMSD's goals, "partners in education." The district will be extending its knowledge of Character Counts to the community. Students will see the words in town, in other cities, and schools will recognize that these characters are valuable everywhere and at all times. The Six Pillars of Character also serves as the foundation of Valencia's discipline policy and procedures.

The Character Counts program encourages young people to discuss and model six core ethical values. These values, called the Six Pillars of Character, are respect, responsibility, fairness, trustworthiness, and citizenship. The program teaches students a different value each month. The Valencia Character Counts school pledge was written by a Valencia Elementary School student and is recited every morning to emphasize commitment to the Six Pillars of Character.

Each month students and teachers discuss different aspects of the Pillar of the Month. Qualities of a person of character are explored and different ways children and adults may demonstrate the Pillars of Character in the context of families, home, school, friends, country, and the future are also addressed. Teachers integrate the Pillars of Character onto all aspects of the curricula. A variety of resources, including appropriate videos, literature, character building projects are used throughout the school year.

What Is Character?

"Character is how you act when you think know one is looking. The measure of our true character is what we are willing to do when we are sure we would never be found out."

Thomas Babington Macaulay

Character Counts Words

The Character Counts words were chosen to provide a common language for everyone. These are words that can explain an action, Words that will be recognizable to very young children and continue to be recognizable as children grow, as well as to the rest of us.

September ~ Responsiblity
October ~ Respect
November/December ~ Caring
January/February ~ Trustworthiness
March ~ Fairness
April ~ Citizenship

"We all want our children to have good values, morals, and strong character. But good character doesn't just happen. It is up to each of us to lay a solid foundation for character development by teaching children right from wrong and by acting as positive role models."

Michael Josephson

Character Counts Pledge









Nicole was a student in my class during the 1995-1996 school year. Valencia had just adopted the Character Counts (CC) program and was having a contest to see who could write the best Character Counts pledge that was to become our school CC pledge. Nicole was not going to try to write a pledge, she did not think she could write a very good pledge. During the last five minutes before all pledges had to be turned into the committee, Nicole decided to give it a try. Needless to say, she won!

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What Responsiblity means to me......

Brandon   Christopher
Ashlee   Rene
LeAnne   Mathew
Adrianna   Marili
Stephanie   Chris
Garima   Naomi
Kalee   Amber
Billy   Joe Fred
Ryan   Steven
Alex   Kaitlyn
Stephanie   Yvette
Matt   Kourtnie

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Homework Responsibility

Student Responsibility Parent Responsibility Teacher Responsibility
Use your time at home and at school wisely. Provide a time and quiet place for completing assignments. Assign reasonable amounts of homework within the ability range of the students in the class.
Complete all unfinished assignments at home. Assist student, but do not do the work for them. Assignments should be relevant.
Assume full responsibility for completing assigned homework. Contact the teacher if child appears to be encountering problems. Assignments should be clearly and thoroughly described to the student.
Return all homework on time. Read and sign all papers, Daily Planner, report cards and progress reports. Assignments should motivate students to learn.
  Support the teacher as they seek to assist your child in learning. All assignments should be graded or evaluated as soon as possible.
  Seek the truth about your child's progress. Parents should be kept informed of student progress.

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Character Counts Behaviors

Schoolwide Behavior Hallway Behavior
1. Dress for success! 1. Speak in soft inside voices.
2. Follow directions the first time they are given. 2. No talking.
3. Use proper language and kind words. 3. Walk don't run.
4. Do not fight. 4. Use hall passes at all times.
5. No littering or marking on school property. 5. Hands, feet and pencils off the walls.
6. Remove caps in the building.  
7. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.  
Playground Behavior Cafeteria Behavior
1. Immediately stop playing when signaled. 1. Keep your food on your tray.
2. Play in assigned areas only. 2. Clean up your space after eating.
3. Do not throw rocks or harmful objects.  
4. Use equipment properly.  
Restroom Behavior Assembly Behavior
1. Soft voices only. 1. Enter and leave multipurpose room quietly.
2. Do not abuse paper products. 2. Applaud properly, do not stomp feet.
3. Do not write or scratch words on walls. 3. No talking unless asked to participate.
4. Make sure all trash is disposed of properly. 4. Sit in assigned areas only.

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The Character Counts word for October is RESPECT