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What Makes A Good Teacher

What Makes a Good Student

1. Listen to the students. 1. Listen to the teacher at all times.
2. Encourage students to use time wisely. 2. Turn in assignments on time.
3. They should always be fair and friendly! 3. Respect and appreciate your teachers.
4. Always be kind and friendly to students. 4. Always be honest with your teacher.
5. Be helpful to your students. 5. Be on your best behavior at all times.
6. Have lots of fun learning together. 6. Study and try your best at all times.
7. Help students understand hard stuff. 7. Don't talk while the teacher is teaching.
8. A good teacher is caring and nice. 8. A good student is responsible.
9. A good teacher is responsible. 9. A good student is a good citizen.
10. Treat all students equally. 10. Always does their best work.
11. Be the best teacher you can. 11. Don't yell at your teacher.
12. Treat students with respect. 12. Follow all instructions.
13. Helping students when they need help. 13. Don't play with scissors.
14. Teachers should teach. 14. Don't throw paper airplanes.
15. Give us homework so we can learn. 15. Don't shoot spitwads.
16. Know what you are teaching. 16. Follow the Golden Rule.
17. Have a little humor somewhere in you. 17. Follow the dress code.
18. Grade papers fairly. 18. Follow the Six Pillars of Character.
19. Keep students safe at all times. 19. Work hard to keep your grades up.
20. Be a person of character. 20. Be trustworthy.
21. Have a good personality. 21. Be willing to learn new things.
22. Have fun learning with the students. 22. Pay attention to your teacher.

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